Welcome to My World …

I have a deep rooted need to connect, create and transform.

I believe that the journey home to our self is the one that matters the most.

That we have the choice to use creativity to respond to what life offers us by becoming the artist of our lives in a way that deeply reflects who we are, using the raw materials we are given – whatever they may be; the paint, the glue, the photograph, the memory, the pain, the joy, the lesson.

I share my images and words with you as an invitation to open your soul, to show up perfectly imperfect with curiosity, compassion and grace. As a potential catalyst to ignite your own fearless exploration, connect with your personal Muse, dance in the freedom and possibilities of living your inspired life!

Peace & Paint


Morocco: A Journey through your Senses

This is an invitation to join me as we journey through magical Morocco, using our senses to unearth new insights and inspirations. We will follow the ancient trade routes across the Atlas Mountains from Marrakech to the Sahara, exploring the traditional Amazigh (Berber) culture and traditions of Morocco.

We will use cameras, or smart phones (optional), paper, journals, pens, paint, needle and thread, markers or whatever tools call to you. Artistic experience of all levels welcome, from novice to expert!

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