Orly Avineri



Material List

- Four minimum (could be more) 12”x12” Ready primed for Acrylics (coated with gesso) Canvases.

They could be pre-stretched (over a wooden frame), bought by the roll, canvas panels, or canvas pads. It all depends on space availability in your luggage, your means of transportation to the retreat and back home, and of course your personal preference.

  • A “SIDEKICK”- An old used children’s book.

(Book should lay flat when worked on and preferably not glossy)

-Acrylic Paints (colors of your choice), container for water, paper towels or/and rags

-White Gesso

-Black Gesso

-A few different size brushes, from very thin to wide and flat


-Matte or soft Gel (Liquitex, Golden)

-A thin black permanent pen (Sharpie)

-Small flat rusty bits

-Sewing/embroidery needles & sewing and /or embroidery threads in favorite colors

  • Lots of personal images:

Meaningful to you ephemera: Miscellaneous photographs, original and/or photocopies, papers from books and magazines, old letters and personal notes, clippings of old journal pages and paintings, etc.

Please make it a personal and abundant collection!


I want to feel, fully, to love, fiercely, to express my inconsistencies, boundlessly, to grow, exponentially, and to speak my beauties and flaws, proudly.

Orly Avineri